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A country paying only lip services to human rights claims lack of human right in civilized countries.
Travellers to the US must be aware that the laptops might be inspected and without their knowledge a complete copy of the harddisk can be done.
beware of fraud.
North Carolina wants smoking to be reduced

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US Human Rights Report

A country paying only lip services to human rights claims lack of human right in civilized countries.

The US ministry of Foreign Affairs publishes every year a report regarding the status of human rights in world.

This year they complain that in Europe, particular Germany, human rights show deficits.

As an example they point that Scientology is still considered an undemocratic Organisation, and not recognized as a religion.


What is missing in this report is the nearly non-existence of human right in the US. The politicians in the US consider humans rights only a matter, if it is abroad and if the US can gain political and economic benefits.


What about the rights of the humans killed by remote controlled rockets, controlled by US citizen! What about the rights of travellers? Applicable to harrassment of SSS (special screening services) are travellers from islamic countries, travellers who complained about transportation and so on.

What about human rights in an US police investigation? The police can harass anyone at their descretion and the courts mainly act if violence had taken place, but without police violence seldom a chance for you.

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