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A country paying only lip services to human rights claims lack of human right in civilized countries.
Travellers to the US must be aware that the laptops might be inspected and without their knowledge a complete copy of the harddisk can be done.
beware of fraud.
North Carolina wants smoking to be reduced

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beware of fraud.
AIS, a company established by Thaksin Shinawatra, whom beside me a lot of people consider a skillfull trickster and scammer, still continues the policies setup by him, or even more intensified such scamming schemes. When you arrive in Bangkok airport and purchase a prepaid cell phone sim card from AIS, you will never get informed, except you can read Thai, that refilling is only valid valid a short period. When you refill, you get an SMS with your balance and a validity period in (oh wonder) english. A short time later you several SMS from AIS in Thai, which you consider as advertisement of their additional services. No with these SMS they inform you, that your account is a special promotion and not a regular one, you have to refill on a regular basis every few days. If you don't act in time, you will get a voice anouncement that the balance of your account is not sufficient for any calls, when you try to phone. You might be as clever as me and check immidiately the balance (*121#) and get the answer that your balance is (in my case) 385 Baht. So you suspect that some error has happened and you try to contact AIS. Ok with your friends phone, yours will not even let you call the AIS service numbers. Ther you get then the information regarding special promotion and that your fees per minute are only 2.5 baht. To keep your account running you have to refill immidiately. Forwarned, you refill with only 20 Baht, as expected you receive a SMS with your balance. But not as expected the balance now shows only 20 Baht valid for 2 days. AIS cashed your remaining balance without giving the service you paid for. That I call a really special promotion. Even scheming american phone companies are not such trickster.

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